Down Pillows and Comforters

Sleep in ultimate comfort and give your fine linens the quality support they deserve with luxury comforters and inserts.

We offer a generous selection of foundation pieces, including pillow inserts, mattress toppers, duvet inserts, and bed comforters. Various different fill compositions and weights are available, including hypoallergenic down alternatives.

From Farm to Finished Goods, the down manufacturer for Frette can personally trace every detail associated with the Down and Feather fill:

The down manufacture knows exactly where the down and feathers are coming from: Their parent company (the farms) located in the United States. The farm only grows white Peking ducks for the food industry, and the down and feathers are a by-product of that industry.

The parent company (the farms) was the first duck company in North America to implement a comprehensive “Duck Well-Being Program” that includes science-based duck care, a training program for staff and farms and an audit system that helps continually identify areas to improve.

They own and operate their own feed mills to ensure the highest quality nutrition for the ducks. They have a poultry nutritionist on staff who formulates balanced diet from corn, wheat, soy and other essential nutrients. Feeds do NOT contain any antibiotics, growth hormones or RUPPS.

The ducks are raised in quiet, spacious barns where they have room to roam about and have access to fresh water and feed. The barns protect the birds from extreme weather conditions, predators and disease, but allow fresh air to keep the ducks healthy.

They also have an environmental ethic that respects and seeks to reduce the impact on the land, air and water in the communities where they work and live.


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